We are a small company who believes in random acts of kindness. We also believe that finding creative ways to let others know you care about them is the spice of life. The cat's meow, in fact.

Whether it's someone you have a crush on, a friend, co-worker, or even your neighborhood cat lady, letting them know that someone thinks that they are the 'pick of the litter' is a sure way to brighten their day in a fun, unique, and memorable way.

Besides that, it's funny as hiss for someone you know to get a box of kitty litter and a pick in the mail randomly. They will have no idea who sent it to them. Will they tell you? Will they post it on social media? Will they keep it a secret?

But the big question is... Will you ever tell them it was you? Or will you forever keep it a secret?

So what are you waiting for? Send some litter today.