Need The Purr-Fect Holiday Gift For Someone Who Has Everything?


(Plus a pick... you'll make their day!)

step 1.

Think About Your Friend or Family Member You Want To Put The Biggest Smile On Their Face.

It will Totally Make Their Day!

step 2.

Send The box You Would Like Us To Secretly Mail To Them On Your Behalf

they will never know it's from you. (Unless You Tell Them!)

step 3.

They are So Happy Because someone thinks that they are "the pick of the litter".

Sorry, no cat Poop included. But we do supply the litter and a pick.

it's that easy. ready?


Send this package to someone who has everything!

Your Package includes:

$19.95 (FREE shipping)

Click image to see back of postcard.


Is anything in the box edible?

Absolutely not. Why would you even wonder that?

Will the person you send the box to know it was from me?

Never, unless you tell them. We never will. All boxes are mailed with no mention as to who it was from.

What kind of kitty litter is inside the box?

It's a lightweight, dust-free kitty litter that is fit for a kitty king. It's also unused.

What can you tell me about the amazing hair pick?

It's pretty sweet. It's black. It's big. And it gets the point across nicely.

I received a box from someone. Can you tell me who sent it to me?

Sorry, we are sworn to secrecy and unable to share. However, we suggest you take a photo of your box and post it on social media with the hashtag #sendlitter. Then you can see if any of your friends will admit to being an an amazing person for sending you a box.

Is shipping really FREE?

Yes. We are crazy enough to offer free shipping even though kitty litter adds some serious weight to the box. USPS needs to pay their employees somehow. You can feel proud knowing a large percentage of your order goes to funding paychecks for United States Postal workers around the country.

Can you tell me more about the box that everything is mailed in?

Sure. It's white, made out of cardboard, and everything fits inside nicely. It's almost like the box was made for sending litter, a pick, and a postcard.

What else is included in the box besides kitty litter, and a hair pick?

A truly amazing, high quality, limited edition large post card that says, "Someone thinks you are the pick of the litter!" Nice, right?

What does it mean if I send a box to someone?

It means you think that they are the "pick of the litter". You believe that they are a super awesome human being and deserve to be told that in a unique and fun way. It also means that you are the most beautiful, thoughtful, and kindest person on planet Earth.